How many subjects do the students take at Sec 1?

10 subjects. These are English, Mother Tongue, Math, Science, Geography, History, Literature, Art, D&T and FCE.

What are the school hours like?

Students are to report to school by 7.25 am. School ends at 2.50 pm or earlier for Sec 1s. 

What are the CCAs offered?

Performing Arts: Choir, Chinese Dance, Modern Dance, Symphonic Band, String Ensemble, Drama

Uniformed Groups: NPCC, NCC, SJB, Girl Guides

Sports: Netball, Basketball, Soccer, Golf, Athletics, Outdoor Adventure Club (ODAC)

Clubs: Service Learning Club, Infocomm Club, Media Resource Library (MRL)

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Which are the CCAs that require trials or interviews?

The CCAs that require trials/interviews include Basketball, Netball, Modern Dance, ODAC, and Soccer. Students have to pass the trials/interviews to gain entry into the CCAs.

How is the level of discipline in your school?

We have rules and regulations to instill good behaviour and character among the students. The teachers ensure that the school is a safe space for learning.

Are there many tests given in your school?

The school uses a schedule to monitor the quantity of class tests that are administered to students.

Which are your school’s Distinctive Programmes?

Applied Learning Programme (ALP): Investigative Science in Health & Sports

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Learning for Life Programme (LLP): Nurturing Creative Problem Solvers in the Arts & Design

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What are the different overseas trips that North Vista organises?

The school organises overseas learning journeys that focus on academic, CCA or service learning outcomes. Our students have gone to Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia. You can refer to the school website for picture archives on past overseas learning journeys.

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