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Vistarians' Testimonies


School Hall

"The hall is where most of my memorable secondary school memories took place. From playing Capture The Flag and performing short skits during prefects' camp to having mass cohort games and of course, showing the entire school the dances that my Chinese dance mates and I on the routines that we had worked on for months. With that, the hall is filled with many amazing memories!"

- Mysha Tamara, 3E5

Book Nook (Library)

"I love to read. Nothing feels better than sitting on the couch with a good book in hand. However as a student, finding the time to do so is quite challenging. Thankfully, the school library, the Book Nook, has provided me with an easier alternative to get hold of the books I want. With an array of books to choose from, I would never get tired of reading. Instead of travelling to the nearest library, I can conveniently borrow the books in school. Now that I have extra time to spare, I certainly would be able to catch up with all the reading I have been missing out on. The Book Nook is definitely a place I will always remember."

- Robbie, 3E2, Media Resource  Library Club


Art Room

"The art room is where all dreams come true. Over the course of three years, I have had great experiences in the art room. As an art student, the room is like my second home. It’s warm, welcoming ambience gets me ready for lessons. With the numerous artworks that adorn the room, it serves as a mode of inspiration to all. One of my most memorable experiences in the art room would be when we did a gallery walk, showcasing the artworks of all the art students. It was an exciting and enriching learning experience where we got to explore our strengths and weaknesses. The art room will forever be one of my favourite places in the school."

- Shruti, 3E3, Art Student

Design & Technology Workshop

"My experiences as a DnT student is much more than just practicals and measurements. In the D&T workshop, there are many types of machines to build our end product. But before we even start on building our products, we researched problems of people's everyday lives by asking them about their struggles. From then on, we design our products on paper to tackle their challenges and struggles. To me, designing is what i always look into because it is the process of me thinking of various ideas and it enhances my creativity to improve on my design. The D&T workshop also provides rooms for students to do their research. I feel that in the D&T workshop, it can teach students different types of skills and experience on many hands-on activities such as soldering."

- Dhiya, 3E4, DnT Student

Nutrition & Food Science Room

"The Nutrition & Food Science Room is filled with many memorable moments. Other than cooking dishes for our practicals, we also get to learn about the different processes that the food undergo in order to achieve the best end-product. One of the most memorable experiences I had was when I participated in a cooking competition with my friends. We had to go to the kitchen after school to decide on what we were making. Afterwards, we tried modifying the recipes of various dishes in order to meet the criteria of the competition. Although it was a long and tiring process, I still found it very exciting. It is also a place where friendships between my classmates and I got stronger through helping one another when faced with challenges or doubts."

- Nathaniel, 3E4, Nutrition & Food Science Student



"When I first entered the gym, I was very excited. The gym was clean and spacious, the equipment was very well taken of. We were required to lift weights and there was enough equipment for everyone to carry out the exercises. While working hard, we enjoyed ourselves and communicated a lot as we shared the weights. We all looked out for one another in the gym and helped each other during each exercise, setting up and keeping the equipment. I enjoyed going to the gym with my classmates."

- Sherlyn, 3E4, Exercise & Sports Science Student

Indoor Sports Hall (ISH)

"My experience using the Indoor Sports Hall (ISH) during CCA has always been a comfortable and memorable one. The ISH is very spacious and it is very well-ventilated, providing a cooling environment at all times."

- Sec 2 Vistarian


"Everyone would play Captain's Ball together from time to time. We play with peers from other classes, which brought us closer to one another. That is how many of us met our close friends! We formed many deep friendships with other Vistarians."

- Jermel Toh, 3E4

"When I first went to the I-Square, it was a very spacious place and PE lessons are held there and it is a great place to play with my friends. I-Square also provides us a great venue to play sports in, encouraging a healthy lifestyle."

- Tricia Tan, 1E4

School Field

"My experience in the field was memorable as we mostly spent our time there during physical education lessons. Thinking back to the last PE Lesson I had this year, we were given the chance to play a wide variety of sports. As it was nearing the exam period, many of us were overwhelmed. Thankfully, having PE lessons in the this facility helped us to relax and provided us the space we needed to calm down and enjoy ourselves."

- Sec 1 Vistarian


"My experience at the amphitheatre was fun! My experiences during the uniformed groups camp while we were playing bonding games at the amphitheatre area was an exciting and memorable memory."

- Bernice Cheng, 3E1, Girl Guides

Band Room

"During the practice, no one is allowed to chit chat with each other until the whole practice is over. Sometimes there is sectional practice too, each section will go to parts of the school to practice their piece of music and the instructor will come and check if they are progressing correctly. Although this sounds very strict and intimidating, actually all the seniors are very friendly. They teach us the basics patiently and often joke with us too! I really enjoy our practice at the band room!"

- Sec 2 Vistarian, Symphonic  Band 

Dance Room

"My experience training in the dance room is very memorable.  Our training involves us working together and though there are hardships we always face them as a crew as we carry out training and dance lessons!"

- Janae Cher, 3E3, Modern Dance

Shaw Melodies

"My experience using Shaw Melodies is great. Shaw Melodies is an enclosed area, it is perfect for our string ensemble to practice our pieces. It is quite easy to maintain the Shaw Melodies since it is easy to clean it with the help of everyone. Overall I think that Shaw Melodies is the perfect place for the strings to correct our mistakes as mistakes are heard easily in the Shaw Melodies hence it is an excellent place for us."

- Sin Yee Hui, 3E2, String Ensemble

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